Artificial intelligence outlets (Public list)
Media outlets covering artificial intelligence
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What's the media list about
This media list includes more than 1000 media outlets including news paper, magazines, blogs, etc. that are covering artificial intelligence related topics, like deep learning, big data, computer vision, etc. 
The list was built by search for media outlets that have tweeted about relevant topics like deepmind ,Fei-Fei Li, alphago, "artificial intelligence" since Apr. 2017. The exact search term is: deepmind OR "Fei-Fei Li" OR alphago OR "artificial intelligence" lang:en since:2017-04-08. The search results link is here:
You can click the link above to review the latest results. 
Can I send a press release to all the contacts in the list?
Yes. You just need to click the "Pitch" link at the top of the list. Please only send press releases relevant to the topics of the list.
How to view the contact details (email & phone):
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