Fashion Editors and journalists (Public list)
Editors editors and journalists from top fashion publications
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What's the media list about
This media list includes editors and journalists covering fashion related topics from top publications like the New York Times, the Guardian, Vogue, YOU,  etc. 
How to pitch journalists in the list: 
You can create a free Anewstip account, and click the "Pitch by email" link in the Contact column for each journalist. 
Can I send a press release to all the contacts in the list?
Yes. You just need to click the "Pitch" link at the top of the list. Please only send press releases relevant to the topics of the list.
How to view the contact details (email & phone):
A paid subscription is required to view detailed contact details. More information here:
If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us or drop us a message at

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