Build and grow your media lists using AI

Build and grow your media lists while you are talking to your clients, writing a press release, or maybe taking a vacation. Introducing Anewstip AutoList, the first AI powered media list creation tool.

Set up the criteria like the keyword, journalist location, media type, general subject, etc., AutoList will then monitor twitter and tens of thousands of news websites for new journalists that meet that criteria and add them to your list directly or for your approval.

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AutoList - Build relevant media lists automatically
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* As of Jul 2019

Discover only relevant journalists that meet all your criteria, like what they have tweeted or written about, their location, subject, etc.


Spend 1 min to set up an AutoList rule. Then get new relevant journalists being added to your list every day, automatically.


Get email notification once new journalists are discovered. Never miss a single opportunity to engage with a relevant journalist in time.


Add the discovered journalists to your media list automatically or in a list for your approval. You're in control.

Largest database

1 million media contacts with contact details. Monitoring tens of thousands of journalist twitter accounts and news publications in real-time.


Send a personalized pitch or press release to all the journalists in your list with 1 click. Or view contact emails. (Subscription)

AutoList: Build media list automatically

AutoList monitors twitter and news articles 24*7 to find relevant journalists for you, all based on your unique criteria. Try it now